Hi, I’m Jenn!

I am a sportswoman, hunter and wildgame chef with a strong passion for the great outdoors. I was introduced to the outdoors by my father at a young age through fishing. I started hunting when I was in high school, and loved spending the little time I got so spend outdoors in between soccer fields.

When I met my now husband, Hunter, he introduced me to bow hunting which created an entirely new found love for this style of hunting. After many successful hunts, I got tired of the same old stew and chili recipes and decided to take matters into my own hands. I felt there was a large gap between wild game dishes that felt too fancy for my style and the overdone classics. I decided to bridge the gap by creating recipes the entire family would love without sacrifice creativity or delectability.

A female hunter and male hunter sitting next to their wild game catch of Moose.
Author Jenn Danella holding a copy of her cookbook, The Weeknight Wild Game Cookbook.

Weeknight WildGame Cookbook

As my social media gained traction, I decided to write my own cookbook. It was a small scale production, and I was so happy with how it came out. Less than a year later, I was reached out to by a publishing company to write a brand new book. I obviously said YES!

I wrote “The Weeknight WildGame Cookbook” which contains tons of family friendly recipes that require little to no experience. You can find my book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and basically anywhere else books are sold.

Two female hunters wearing blaze orange vests and hats, sitting on the ground with two hunting dogs.

My Mission

My overall goal is to inspire women and young adults to get more involved in outdoor activities. I aim to be proof that women can be a strong asset to the hunting community through skill and knowledge. I want to redefine the stereotype of women in the outdoors.

Young hunters have a special place in my heart. It is so important to get the next generation immersed in the outdoors to build life skills and let them experience the great outdoors. I hope that young girls see my social media and it encourages them to start hunting, camping, fishing and doing more things outside.